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Volume 1, Issue 2

The Tullytown facility goes more than ONE YEAR without a Lost Time Injury

Tullytown FacilitySafety - A Prime Concern at Atlantic Concrete Products, Inc.

Atlantic Concrete Products, Inc. has always seen its employees as its greatest asset. The best way for the company to protect its employee assets was to invest in a comprehensive occupational safety and health program. In May of 1993, Atlantic’s commitment was clearly shown when it had appointed a full-time safety director to oversee the safety operations at all locations. The implementation of the safety programs and changing the ways that employees work has not always been easy, but the hard work and change in attitude has definitely paid off.

Most notable of the benefits of the program have been the reduction of lost time injuries at all locations. The concrete industry is an industry with a history of being very hazardous, and keeping injuries to a minimum is no small task. However, two of the facilities have recently received safety recognition awards from the National Precast Concrete Association. Additionally, the employees at the main facility in Tullytown have also gone more than one year without a lost time injury.

Atlantic Concrete Products, Inc.’s safety program is relatively new, but the benefits have paid off immensely. Not only in reducing the company’s losses, but also in improving the employee’s quality of life while on the job.


Volume 1, Issue 1

Effluent headwallIn July, underground utility construction began on a large job served by our Sarasota plant. It consists of more than one-half million dollars in precast storm structures.

The first picture shows the 39 ft long, effluent headwall as it's strapped to a trailer prior to shipment. To provide safe handling weight, the wall was 'short poured' with dowels exposed. This facilitated a structural connection to the contractor's field pour

Matthew Braunstein stands inside one of the many precast storm structures

Matthew Braunstein stands inside one of the many precast storm structures to give you a sense of the size. The box stands 10 ft high with gaskets for 84" diameter reinforced concrete pipe. The contractor specified the A-Lok STM gasket to provide a pipe to manhole seal. The gasket is cast in to the structure at time of manufacture. In the field, it works in pure compression; the pipe is simply pressed through the

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